How To Market Invisible Dog Fences to Pet Owners

Pet owners are relatively easy to market to. As long as your product is useful for their pets and will make their lives easier, then you will not have any problem. If you are selling an invisible dog fence, however then that can pose some challenge. This is a fairly new product so not too many people are familiar with it. Marketing such a product can be difficult but not impossible. If you want to know how to market invisible dog fences to pet owners, then you should read the tips below.

Know Your Product

The first thing that you need to do is to familiarize yourself with your product, which is the invisible dog fence. You can never sell something that you yourself do not know. More than knowing, however, it is important that you believe in your product. Maybe you can try the product for yourself so you can see its benefits firsthand. You must familiarize yourself not only with the strengths of the product but with its weaknesses as well.

As far as invisible dog fences are concerned, you need to capitalize on its main strength, which is its “invisibility” of course. This means that this kind of fence will not interfere with the aesthetics of any home. If the invisible fence is electric, then it opens and closes automatically. This greatly reduces human error. Often, homeowners forget to close their dog fences.

Know Your Customer

The next thing that you need to do is to know your customer. Ask yourself, what kind of people would most likely buy an invisible dog fence. Let’s face it, not all pet owners would like to get an invisible dog fence. It is a special product so you also need to find special people who would be willing to try it out. Again, you can look at the many benefits of the product.

Since an invisible dog fence does not interfere with the aesthetics of a house, then you can try reaching out to people who value the aesthetics of their home. You should also look for people who value their security and the security of their pets. An ideal prospect would be someone who has more than one pet at home. Getting an invisible dog fence can help people with multiple pets to better manage their households.

Use Social Media Tools

It seems that the easiest way to reach people nowadays is through social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. So if you are not marketing through social media, then you are definitely missing out. With a social media post, it is is very easy to link to a website.

Marketing simply means showing other people the value of your product. An invisible dog fence is an extremely valuable product. So you just need to let pet owners know how it can improve their lives.

Which Marketing Tools Are Best For Your Skill Set?

Having a solid understanding of a few of today’s most popular marketing tools can make you a valuable addition to a potential employer’s team. Marketing is an essential aspect of a company’s success, and if you can come to the table prepared to boost sales your employer will be overwhelmingly impressed.

Marketing automation is the name of the game these days, and there are quite a few pieces of software out there that can help get the job done. Ultimately, you’ll likely end up using whichever software is already established within the company – unless you feel like making a strong push towards an alternative. That’s sure to be a pricey change, as in addition to a the actual cost of the software it’s going to require time and money to get the whole team up to speed. Instead, it makes sense to have familiarity with some of the most commonly used pieces of software in the industry.

It seems that ClickFunnels and Ontraport are widely used these days, and while the space is incredibly dynamic, its unlikely that this is going to change in the near future. If you’re lucky enough to have used either of these tools in your career in the past, then you’re in good shape. Don’t worry though, if you haven’t had the opportunity to work with them and you want to gain some experience with them you can still take matters into your own hands. It may take a little bit of investment on your own part, but as you can imagine investing in your own self development is almost always worth it.

If you’re trying to decide whether you should get your feet wet with ClickFunnels vs Ontraport, there are a few things you might want to consider. Both of these pieces of software give you the ability to prepare landing pages, and both give you the ability to create automated email marketing campaigns as well. So, the two are similar in that sense. However, the main difference is that ClickFunnels focuses on providing you with the templates to get you up and running quickly, while Ontraport is more focused on offering advanced features such as the ability to integrate with other marketing platforms, advanced customization, and its visual campaign builder.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that if you can become familiar with Ontraport, your skills should translate quite well to working with ClickFunnels as well. So, if you’re the kind of person that likes to roll their sleeves up and dive it makes sense to start with Ontraport. If you prefer to ease into learning new skills, you could alternatively start with ClickFunnels.

Working with either of these pieces of software will bring value to your life beyond impressing your employer, though. In fact, you might realize quickly that you can use these pieces of software to drum up your own business and go out on your own. Of course, entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone, but it’s nice to know that you’ll be working on a skill that opens up doors to a wide variety of opportunities.

Writing a Top-Notch Resume To Land Your 6-Figure Job

Writing a resume for your six figure job prospect might take a little more work than usual. You must narrow that resume to include things that only your prospective employer needs to know. You cannot submit a massive resume that lists every accomplishment since you were in high school. You want the resume to look impressive, remain short, and provide an executive board with all the information they need to know to hire you. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to building a resume you can be proud of.

Consider Working With A Professional

This is something you might want to give a shot. If you’re going after a high-level position with a strong salary it may be worth making a small investment to kick things off. Services can really help bring your resume to the next level. Having a high quality resume is a great way to make a first impression, and with any luck it will get you in the door for an interview. By working with a professional you can make sure your resume is up to par.

Add Necessary Contact Information 

Influencers need to add their social media to their resume. You might think this makes you look really young, but it matters if your social media feeds give the company more positive press. They want to be seen as industry leaders, and they will be excited to see you representing the company online every day. Plus, most people who follow you will end up following your new employer. This could be more important than half your resume because we live in a digital world. 

Be Brief 

You do not need to give an executive committee a full rundown of everything you have ever done. They can get a search firm to find all this out for them. Plus, they can ask you about certain things they need to know int he interview. You want to make them ask you questions so that you can have a real conversation about what it meant to have those old jobs or work for those old companies. Plus, you do not want to exceed one page because people get bored. 

Write In Proper Font 

A proper font for your resume will give you a good chance of making people take notice of your resume. You should write in a font that is easy to read, and you must select something that you believe will be easiest to read. You can choose something that is easy to read, and you must choose something that is modern. The modernity that you add to the resume will make it easier to read, and you will make it easier for people to read the resume in a short period of time. They will talk to about what they see in the resume because they can read it quickly and with a high level of understanding. 

Use Nice Paper

Your resume should appear on nice paper. You do not want to send a resume in with bad paper because people assume that you would not even want to get good paper for it. You could use something that will make it feel like card stock, or you could choose a textured paper that makes an impression on the people who see the resume. They will want to hold onto your resume, and you are forcing them to think long and hard about what you have said. People who get interested in the paper will start reading closer, and they will ask better questions in the interview. 

Include References 

You must include references so that these people can quickly reach out to those who know you. You can use both professional and personal references. In fact, you can create a resume that tells the committee everything that they need to know before they talk to you. They will have more to talk about once they have been through the whole resume, and they will have a nicer interview with you because they have been talking to your references and reading a good resume at the same time. 

Wrapping It Up

There are many people who want to learn how to write a resume, but they do not know how until they walk through each of the steps in this list. You should build a resume that is impressive, short, simple, and offers extra information that can be checked before the interview.

How To Decide if a New Job Prospect Is Right for You

How Will You Know When You Have Found the Right Job? Read Below To Find Out More

Sometimes you know right away that you have found the right job. It will hit you like a ton of bricks. Other times, the signs are not so recognizable. Sometimes you need a few signs that you have found the right job. 

Do you look forward to the job?

It gets to the point where you have to be told that it is time to go home. I am not saying that is going to happen to you, but your feelings should be pretty close. You have a reason to get up in the morning. You look forward to coming into work, at least 90% of the time. 

Do you like who you work with and for?

Now, granted you are not going to get along with them 100% of the time, but the majority will outweigh everything else. You even like your boss. Once again, I am not saying you have to get along with them 100% of the time, but you will find yourself getting along with your boss most of the time. 

Do you agree with company policy and their mission statement?

I know that sounds silly, but there are some people who do not get that. You might be surprised at the number of people who leave a job based on the lack of a company mission statement or policy. You are a step ahead of the crowd if you find yourself working for a company who takes all of that into consideration. 

Is Your Voice Heard?

How many people find themselves in a workplace that actually listens to what their associates are saying. I worked in one place that did not have that. They would hold meetings with the associates, but only take what we had to say at face value. They did not have any follow-through. They might listen to what we said on the surface, but they would disregard it and do their own thing afterward. 

Consider yourself lucky if your boss listens to what you have to say, and then takes your point of view into consideration. 

Do you go to work and do the same thing day in and day out?

Do you go to work and experience something new almost every day? Those of you who say the later, you have found yourself a great job fit. 

Some people enjoy the same old, same old every day, regardless of how boring and mundane it is. Some people want to experience something new and different. They need a reason to come to work or else they are going to bail. Either way, you have a good job fit if you feel like your job offers a worthwhile workload. 

Do you see yourself growing with the company?

Some jobs are nothing more than a dead end. You will be doing the same thing for the rest of your life. You will have no chance of advancement. The only people you see moving forward are the supervisors and the boss. 

That is a bad sign. A good sign is when you can see yourself moving forward into an upper-level position and do it for real. Your boss offers promotions when you are ready and you can make something of yourself. 

Not every job is going to do that, but consider yourself lucky if your company will. 

Are you paid what you are worth?

That is a very important question to ask yourself, especially in today’s world. When you can tell someone out loud that you love your job is when you know you have found the right one. Most people cannot say out loud they like their job. Some people are making the best of the situation until something better comes along.

Top Approaches To Expanding Your Professional Network

 It has never been more important to expand your professional network. Whether it’s for new job opportunities, career advancement, gaining new clients or simply growing your professional platform, gaining new contacts in your field are extremely important for long term career success. 

Here are some ways you can expand your network in natural and meaningful ways. 

Attend Networking Events

Most cities, even small towns, have various networking events that you can attend. The best place to start is with your local chamber of commerce. They often have cocktail hours that you can attend. 

Also, check out local or regional chapters of national organizations in your field. For example, if you are a training professional, you can look up your local chapter of Association for Talent Development (ASTD). They have meet and greets and chapter meetings on a monthly basis that you can attend to expand your network. 

Trade Shows and Conferences

Another great source for industry contacts is at trade shows and conferences. These are places where everyone attending is interested in expanding their professional network. 

Most of these events have time specifically allotted for networking to happen. It’s usually a cocktail hour, breakfast event or even a fun activity scheduled in order to rub elbows with other people in your industry. 

Online Professional Networking

The internet is also a great place to expand your network. If you haven’t already, you should setup a LinkedIn account and work on creating a professional and attractive profile. 

Then start adding your current professional contacts. Once the people you already know have connected, then you can start connecting with their contacts. 

Spend 5-10 each day and add 10-20 contacts in your immediate network. LinkedIn is great in that it shows you who is 2nd or 3rd degree separated from you. Focus on the 2nd level contacts and you’ll have a large network of professionals you can tap on when you need them. 

Be a Connector

Another great way to expand your network is by connecting people who should meet. Although it doesn’t expand YOUR immediate network, the next time those two people think of you, they will connect you to others in the same way. 

It’s a way to invest and add value to your current network so that they will do the same in the future. Don’t underestimate the power of a good deed to expand your professional network and advance your career. 

Be Awesome At What You Do

One of the most powerful ways to expand your network is by producing excellent results for your clients and colleagues. If you’re really good at what you do and you treat those in your network with respect and outstanding service, they will recommend and refer you whenever a need for your skills comes up. 

People are usually enthusiastic and excited about referring those who have served them well in the past. Word of mouth, organic marketing is the best way to expand your network. 

Never Eat Alone

Okay, this may seem extreme, but get the gist of the idea here. Your meal times are a great opportunity to connect with people. 

Next time, instead of eating alone at your desk or going through the fast food drive thru, think about someone you don’t know well who you could eat with. At the end of the meal, after you have thanked them for whatever value they added to you and the time they gave you, ask them, “who else should I meet?”. More times than not, they will think of 2-3 names to refer you to. 

These are some of the best ways I’ve found to expand my network. Having a strong professional network is one of the keys to long term success. Hope this helped and good luck out there!

How To Make Your Writing Stand Out in 2019

 2019 is going to be a great year for writers on the Internet, with new opportunities, and new ways to reach lucrative clients. However, with new opportunities comes new competition, and the space of online writing is becoming more crowded than ever. Whether you’re writing for your own blog/web property, or taking on contract work as a freelancer, learning how to make your writing stand out will give you a massive edge over the competition. 

Know Your Audience

As a writer you have to remember that above all else, you’re writing for the reader. This of course means that knowing your audience, and speaking to them in their language will get you much further than just being knowledgeable about the subject matter. By making the reader feel like you are one of them, you not only gain their trust, but also present yourself as an authority in your niche/industry. 

Know Your Goals (Or Your Client’s Goals)

When you write, you’re writing for a reason. Is it to add value to your blog and increase engagement among your mailing list? Is it to help your client sell products? Or is it to get people to visit your online store? In any case, identify your goals, and then write in a way that works towards those goals. 

Develop Your Own Voice

This applies more to scenarios when you’re writing for yourself, as when you write for a client they will dictate the style you use in many cases. Developing your own voice is essentially a form of branding, allowing your writing to become instantly recognizable. This again will help you to build trust, authority, and respect within your niche/industry. If you’re having trouble understanding what makes your style unique, read back over your old documents and find the similarities within them. 

Use a Bio and Profile Pic

While most online writers know that using a bio at the end of posts is a must, many neglect to include a profile picture. Having a picture of yourself in your bio allows readers to instantly connect your writing with a face, improving your branding ,and helping them to develop a familiarity with your work. If you’re a freelancer, having an attractive profile pic in the footer of your emails, or on your profile on online work sites, will help you land more clients. 


This falls more on the freelance side of things, but can be applicable to bloggers and other writers as well. The more you specialize your writing, the more you become recognized as an expert in that area. For example, if you’re a freelancer you could specialize in writing emails, whereas if you’re a blogger, you could specialize in writing about pets. There are a lot of ways to specialize so find your passion, and go for it. 

Formatting Your Text

How you format your writing can be a great way to make your work stand out. You can play around with everything from your headers, to how you use bullet points and highlighting. There are a ton of ways to format your writing while still maintaining best practices, so get creative and make your work stand out with a consistent, recognizable formatting style. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Writing

Writing online can be great for both fun and profit. Regardless of how you choose to make your writing stand out in 2019, make sure that you don’t forget to set concrete goals for yourself and continue to work towards those goals. Also, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Writing is an excellent way to calm the mind, relax, and express yourself. If you take the time to enjoy it, your unique voice and style will be sure to come through in your work.