When students reach a certain grade in high school, they start to get introduced to the idea of college and the process required to make sure one gets accepted. You have the option of a college or a university, private, state, or sometimes community college. The choice will depend both on what the student wants, and what colleges actually accept the student. In order for a student to apply, he or she has to let the colleges know what major the student wants to strive for in the coming years. For that reason in this article we will be discussing the topic of college and will provide a list of some of the highest starting salaries that a college degree can get you in different fields. 

Typically, a college degree takes four years to complete. Some students, the ones who are really motivated finish it in three or sometimes even two years. Once you complete the required units, you’re set to graduate and receive your much-earned diploma. After this, or even prior to your graduation, you may already be lined up with an internship or a job at a startup or some other local company. Now, here are the top ten highest starting salary jobs and their degrees. 

At number ten is the Mechanical Engineering degree. The average or median starting salary in this field is around sixty five thousand dollars per year and the college with the highest starting salary is the United States Naval Academy. The ninth highest paid degree is in the field of Mathematics and Computer Science, where the starting salary is sixty six thousand dollars per year. The highest-paying college in this field is the University of Central Florida. The eighth highest paying degree on our list is Materials Engineering. The starting salary is sixty seven thousand dollars per year and the highest-paying college is Stanford University. 

The seventh degree on our list is Systems Engineering with a starting salary of sixty eight thousand dollars per year. It seems that every degree goes up a thousand dollars per year in salary. Again, the highest-paying college for this field of study is the United States Military Academy. Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering take the sixth spot on our list with a starting median salary of sixty eight thousand dollars, another thousand dollar increase from the previous spot, and guess who pays the most for this degree? You guessed it, the United States Naval Academy. 

At number five we have Electrical Engineering. With this degree having a higher demand in the workplace, employers are willing to pay a starting salary of sixty nine thousand dollars, with Princeton University paying more than any other college. Computer Engineering takes spot number four with a seventy thousand dollar yearly salary to start. The University of California Berkeley is willing to pay top dollar to anyone in this field. Next, we have the third and second spots on our list with Chemical Engineering at number three, and Nuclear Engineering at number two. Chemical Engineering will pay a starting salary of $72,000 and Nuclear Engineering will pay $73,000 with Massachusetts Institute of Technology paying more than any other college for both of these professions. Finally, the number one spot is given to the career of Petroleum Engineering with a median starting salary of ninety seven thousand dollars per year. The college that will pay the most for this degree is the University of Texas of The Permian Basin. 

In conclusion in this article we discussed the topic of college and some respective degrees that pay more than any other career in the United States. Petroleum engineering is still at number one due to the fact that the majority of the population relies on some sort of refined petrol to get from place to place. If any of these degrees interest you, make sure to contact the university listed since they may pay a bit more to start you off.