Many people subscribe to the theory – If you want to get something done at work, remove the distractions. If you are already free of distractions at work, then you are off to a good start. If not, the below tips will help. 

Coffee and Snack Breaks 

If you are spending an inordinate amount of time in the coffee room, it is an indication that you are distracted at work. Clearly, there is no fixed number of times you can have coffee or snack breaks, but if it is more than three times in a day, you will lag behind in your work. You may be one of those who like interacting with other people they work with. But when you are focusing on a detailed task, you want to make sure that you are free of interruptions, so you can focus on the work and get it done on time. Here is a tip to make things easier – make a list of things to do most mornings and squeeze in breaks only if needed. 

Decor Alert 

A neat desk is the sign of a smart mind. You may want to rearrange or unclutter the space assigned to you at your job and make things easily accessible. Organizational skill is not just confined to project management, time management or delegation. Your workspace should be neatly organized and all office supplies in the right place so that you don’t take most of the morning finding a pen or paper clip. The decoration in the space should be minimal, colors and pattern in appropriate doses so that your clients or colleagues don’t feel overwhelmed by it. 

Your sitting posture contributes to productivity, so make sure that the furniture are ergonomically designed. Don’t feel compelled to inundate the room with every piece of furniture you find. Make sure that the selection is appropriate for the space and function. Seek professional advice when selecting table and chairs on which you spend most part of your day. If space allows, consider furniture for comfort. 

Mixing Business With Pleasure 

You may be a huge Giants fan. You never miss a game or never fail to catch a rerun of your favorite TV shows. That’s fine, but these things shouldn’t be done at workplace. It will only make your employer wonder where you will find time to actually work. For those working with you, it wouldn’t take much time to envision that you are going to be distracted for the rest of your life in the company. You may also disqualify for a promotion even if you are a viable candidate. In essence, do not bring in your hobbies or passion not related to work to your desk. Here is another tip to eliminate distraction. Many companies set aside a particular day in a month or year for fun activities where you may want to showcase your talents. Other days should be strictly reserved for business. 

Personal Matters In Workplace 

When you are bringing personal matters to work and constantly distracted by them, you are making a negative impact on your productivity. Recognize that focus is essential when you are at work, view it as a necessity to retain job. 
If you are concerned about your loved ones or responsible for taking care of relatives at home, you can establish rules for contacting them outside the work hours, during coffee or lunch breaks. You need to find a balance between the needs of your employer and personal needs. The tip, therefore, is to set aside a particular time of the day for personal matters. Doing this is healthy for everyone involved – both in and out of the workplace. Also, you don’t want to encounter unnecessary dependency from people outside the business when you are working. In essence, you are responsible to keep the focus on the task ahead of you without being distracted.